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ANTIQUITY OF THE HOLY ROYAL ARCH: THE SUPREME DEGREE IN FREEMASONRY by F.[rancis] de P.[aula] Castells, copyright 1960, published by A. Lewis (Masonic Publishers) Ltd. In London, hardcover in bright red cloth with gold stamping on spine and front cover, tight, bright, like-new condition, 299 pages, $45

BACON MASONRY: EVIDENCE SHOWING FRANCIS BACON TO BE THE ORIGINAL DESIGNER OF SPECULATIVE FREEMASONRY by George V[ernon] Tudhope (Mason of Scottish descent, a resident of Kansas), copyright 1954, 1st Edition 1954, printed by Howell-North Press of Berkeley, California, hardcover in blue cloth with gold stamping on spine and front cover, Frontispiece of Francis Bacon, many illustrations, 18 glossy plates, Bibliography, Index, 132 pages all on glossy paper, like-new condition, this edition VERY RARE, $500

The BUILDERS: A STORY AND STUDY OF FREEMASONRY by Joseph Fort Newton (1880-1950), published and copyright by Macoy Publishing and Masonic Supply Company 1951 (1st Edition 1914), printed by American Book-Knickerbocker Press, Inc., of New York, hardcover in blue cloth with gold stamping on spine, plates of famous Freemasons on glossy paper, Bibliography, Index, signed by previous owner “J.J. Smith”, very fine condition, $140

“CELEBRATING 275 YEARS OF BROTHERHOOD: THE GRAND LODGE OF MASONS IN MASSACHUSETTS”, a 10-page article by Aimee E. Newell (writer on Masonic culture and history, and curator of collections at the National Heritage Museum in Lexington, Massachusetts) which appeared in the April 2008 issue of “The Magazine Antiques”, 14 color plates in this delightful article (one being from the early date of 1754), and early quotes (one being by Hugh Jones in “The Present State of Virginia”, from the early date of 1724), magazine in glossy paper, fine condition, complete, $20

DECISIONS OF M.W. GRAND LODGE A.F. & A.M. OF INDIAN TERRITORY AND OKLAHOMA TERRITORY MADE BY THEIR GRAND MASTERS WITH A TOPICAL DIGEST by Wm. M. Anderson, Grand Secretary, 1910, softcover in blue-grey paper, 128 pages, complete, no marginalia, no underlining, fine condition, very rare, $50

DUNCAN’S MASONIC RITUAL AND MONITOR OR GUIDE TO THE THREE SYMBOLIC DEGREES OF THE ANCIENT YORK RITE AND TO THE DEGREES OF MARK MASTER, PAST MASTER,, MOST EXCELLENT MASTER, AND THE ROYAL ARCH by Malcolm C. Duncan, published by David McKay Company, Inc. of New York, 3rd edition with “additions and corrections”, First Paperback Edition, or Three Rivers Press, 1976, many illustrations, fine, $90

An ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FREEMASONRY AND ITS KINDRED SCIENCES IN TWO VOLUMES by Albert G. Mackey, new and revised edition by William J. Hughan and Edward L. Hawkins, published 1921 by The Masonic History Company, Vol. 1(A-L, pages 1-455), Vol. 2 (M-Z and Pronouncing Dictionary and Addendum pages 456-913), hardcovers in brown leatherette (?) with gold stamping and embossing on spines, front covers, and back covers with gilded edges on tops, bottoms, and sides, one of the finest scholarly works in the history of Freemasonry, $1500

FREEMASONRY AND THE AMERICAN INDIAN by William R. Denslow (son of Masonic author Ray V. Denslow), Foreword by Carl H. Claudy, Art work by Lovina Scott Ebbe, copyright 1956, 1st Edition, published 1956 by Missouri Lodge of Research, many hand-drawn illustrations, old photographs on glossy paper, hardcover in burnt orange cloth, illustrated and colorful dust jacket in dust jacket protector, rare historical perspective of American Indians, bright, no fading, like-new condition, Bibliography, Index, 248 pages, $180

FREEMASONRY AND THE ANCIENT GODS by J.S.M. Ward, copyright 1921, 1st Edition 1921, published by Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co. Ltd. In London, Preface, Contents, Bibliography, Index, over 50 illustrations, photos, and plates, some foldouts, many in color, hardcover in red cloth with gold stamping and embossed on spine and front cover, some foxing, much iconography from Latin America and South America, signed by previous owner “Arthur H. Smith Oct. 1921”, good condition, 373 pages, $190

FREEMASONRY: MORMONISM’S SCORNED PRESENCE by Mervin B. Hogan (College of Engineering, University of Utah, Salt Lake City), softcover in black and beige cover, 78 pages, like-new condition, very scarce, $60

FREEMASONS’ HALL: THE HOME AND HERITAGE OF THE CRAFT (Freemasons’ Hall of the United Grand Lodge of England was built in 1933), 1st Edition 1983, published by the United Grand Lodge of England, printed by Westerham Press in England in 1983, hardcover in brown cloth with gold stamping on spine, in colorful dust jacket, dust jacket in protective cover, 69 pages, color illustrations and photos on nearly every page, some pages completely filled with bright and colorful illustrations, like-new condition, $60

The FREEMASON’S MONITOR by Thomas Smith Webb (to which is added the INEFFABLE DEGREES by E.T. Carson), inscribed “From J. M. Parker To H. E. Wallace, Dec. 31st 1926”, original edition 1797, illustrations from steel engravings, entire pages of rare illustrations throughout, 298 pages + 120 pages, from page 17: “Masonry and Geometry are sometimes used as synonymous terms” [in this very old book], New and Illustrated Edition (probably published in the mid-1800’s), very scarce, $360

The FREEMASON’S MONITOR CONTAINING THE DEGREES OF FREEMASONRY EMBRACED IN THE LODGE, CHAPTER, COUNCIL, AND COMMANDERY, EMBELLISHED WITH NEARLY 300 SYMBOLICAL ILLUSTRATIONS . . . by editor Daniel Sickels, 33rd Degree, this is a 1st Edition 1864, published by Clark & Maynard of New York in 1864, gilt edges, bound in black leather wraparound which completely encases the volume, cover has sculpted tongue and groove which holds the folding case closed, pocket companion size, Monitor in 4 Parts (Part I – The Lodge – illustrated, 211 pages; Part II – The Chapter – illustrated, 120 pages; Part III – The Council – illustrated, 19 pages; Part IV - The Commandery – illustrated, 94 pages), very scarce this 1st Edition, $630

The GENUINE SECRETS IN FREEMASONRY PRIOR TO A.D. 1717 by The W[orshipful] Bro[ther] the Rev[erend] F[rancis] de P[aula] Castells, copyright 1930, 1st Edition, published 1930 by A. Lewis of London, printed in Great Britain, blue hardcover with gold stamping on spine and front cover, Index, 327 pages, fine condition, rare, $180

The GOSPEL OF FREE MASONRY VOLUME II by Uncle Silas (Bascom B. Clarke 33rd Degree), published by Clarke Publishing Company of Madison, Wisconsin, covers in blue flexible cloth with gold stamping on front cover, Copyright 1928, 1st Edition, photo of author glued in on page 4, Twelve Sermons and Conclusion, 56 pages, very fine condition, $40

GUILD MASONRY IN THE MAKING by Charles H. Merz, Preface by author dated January, 1918, this is a 1st Edition published 1918, hardcover in blue paper and cloth with gold stamping on spine, many illustrations, Table of Contents, Bibliography, Index, 478 pages, good condition, very rare, $240

The HIRAM KEY: PHARAOHS, FREEMASONS AND THE DISCOVERY OF THE SECRET SCROLLS OF JESUS by Christopher Knight & Robert Lomas, Copyright 1996, hardcover in black cloth with silver stamping on spine, in colorful dust jacket, dust jacket in protective cover, illustrations and photos all on glossy paper, tight, bright, all like-new, 1st Edition, unread copy in perfect condition, 384 pages, $100

The HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY, 7 VOLUMES, 1898, 1906 by Albert Gallatin Mackey and William R. Singleton, hardcover in charcoal/black with gold stamping, all volumes in excellent condition, no marginalia, no notations, $1350

An INTERPRETATION OF OUR MASONIC SYMBOLS by J.S.M. Ward, Kessinger reprint, 158 pages, large print, easy to read, $15

LIGHT FROM THE SANCTUARY OF THE ROYAL ARCH by Charles Albert Snodgrass, 3rd Edition Revised and Enlarged, Copyright 1951, published by Masonic History Agency of Chattanooga, Tennessee, photo of author, illustrations in Black and White, and Color, some illustrations hand-drawn and hand-colored, hardcover in red cloth with gold stamping on spine and front cover, dust jacket, dust jacket in protective cover, signed by 19 Brethren, inscribed “Presented by Membership and Promotion Committee Montview Chapter No. 50 R.A.M. to Companion Roessler H. Baudendistel”, 242 pages, very fine condition, rare, $180

LOOK TO THE EAST!: A RITUAL OF THE FIRST THREE DEGREES OF MASONRY by Ralph P. Lester, Editor, Copyright 1944, published 1945 by Ezra A. Cook of Chicago, Revised and Enlarged Edition with Forms of Masonic Documents, softcover in purple paper, 220 pages, good condition, $30

The LOST WORD FOUND by J.D. Buck 33rd Degree, softcover in turquoise paper, Kessinger reprint copyright 1992, large print, easy to read, one extracted theme taken from page 19: “Masonry concerns itself with the Human Soul and the building of Individual Character by Personal Effort”, fine condition, 29 pages, $10

LOW TWELVE: “BY THEIR DEEDS YE SHALL KNOW THEM: A Series of Striking and Truthful Incidents illustrative of the fidelity of Free Masons to one another in times of distress and danger”, published 1907 by F.R. Niglutsch of New York, hardcover in blue cloth with gold stamping on spine, black and white plates on glossy paper, 250 pages, good condition, rare, $140

MACKEY’S SYMBOLISM OF FREEMASONRY: ITS SCIENCE, PHILOSOPHY, LEGENDS, MYTHS AND SYMBOLS, revised by Robert Ingham Clegg (lived 1866-1931; Albert Gallatin Mackey lived 1807-1881), Copyright 1921, published 1921 by The Masonic History Company, 1st Edition, hardcover in brown cloth with gold stamping on spine and front cover, embossing on spine and front cover, 32 chapters, Synoptical Index, 369 pages, good condition, rare, $80

A MANUAL OF THE LODGE, or MONITORIAL INSTRUCTIONS BY Albert G. Mackey (1807-1881), published by Clark & Maynard of New York in 1873, a new edition “revised and enlarged by the author”, 1st Edition 1862, Preface by the author dated April 1, 1862, hardcover in rust-colored cloth with gold stamping and embossing on the spine and front cover, heavily illustrated, front cover detached but present, 254 pages, fair condition, $120

The MASONIC MANUAL, A POCKET COMPANION FOR THE INITIATED, CONTAINING THE RITUALS OF FREEMASONRY, ENBRACED IN THE DEGREES OF THE LODGE, CHAPTER AND ENCAMPMENT . . . compiled and arranged by Robert Macoy, 15th Edition 1857 published by Clark, Austin and Smith of New York, many illustrations throughout, pocket companion size, hardcover in red cloth with embossed back cover, and embossed and gold stamping on spine and front cover, all edges gilt, 299 pages + additional illustrated pages unnumbered, spotting, foxing, worn, no markings, all pages intact and readable with sewn signatures and binding in very good condition, $320 

A MASONIC READER’S GUIDE by Alphonse Cerza, Missouri Lodge of Research, copyright 1980, hardcover in grey-green cloth with gold stamping on spine, Appendix of “Biographical Sketches of Selected Masonic Authors”, Index, like-new condition, $60

MASONIC RITES AND DEGREES by Ray V. Denslow (father of Masonic author William R. Denslow), published by the Author 1955, hardcover in blue cloth, illustrated, all 204 pages on glossy paper, excellent condition, rare, $75

MASONIC TIMEPIECES, RINGS, BALLS & WATCH FOBS by C. Clark Julius, copyright 1983, limited edition of which this is a copy number 1059, printed by The Printing Express, Inc. of York, Pennsylvania, published 1983, 2nd Printing, signed by author “C. Clark Julius, Jun 14, 1986” and on another page inscribed by the author “John J. Shuttlesmith, a new Mason friend, C. Clark Julius, Jun 14, 1986”, heavily illustrated with photographs on nearly every page, softcover in beige and brown paper, 51 pages, excellent condition, photographs and descriptions of timepieces with Masonic markings from Swiss, American, and English watchmakers, oldest known Masonic watch manufactured is a Burtenshaw Aldgate going back to 1768 pictured by the author on page 2 of this book, excellent condition, $30 

MORGAN’S FREEMASONRY EXPOSED AND EXPLAINED; SHOWING THE ORIGIN, HISTORY AND NATURE OF MASONRY; ITS EFFECT ON THE GOVERNMENT, AND THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, AND CONTAING A KEY TO ALL THE DEGREES OF FREEMASONRY by Captain William Morgan, published for the Trade in New York, no date, softcover in grey paper, with one-page statement “The Fate of William Morgan” regarding the “circumstances surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Capt. Wm. Morgan in 1826, and the details of his abduction” sworn to on September 28, 1882 by Thurlow Weed, 131 pages, fragile but readable copy in tight binding, no marginalia, no underlining, $45

A NEW ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF FREEMASONRY (combined edition - two volumes in one) by Arthur Edward Waite (1857-1942), copyright 1970 by University Books, Inc., Weathervane, hardcover in blue cloth with gold stamping on spine, 458 pages alphabetically A-K with full-page plates and illustrations in Volume 1, and 488 pages alphabetically L-Z with full-page plates and illustrations in Volume 2, dust jacket, dust jacket in protective cover, light browning in margins, tight spine, no marginalia, no underlining or highlighting, fine condition $50

“A PARALLEL: A MATTER OF CHANCE VERSUS COINCIDENCE” article written by engineer/professor/researcher/author Mervin B. Hogan (famous Masonic author and Mormon, a rare combination), which appeared in the January 1956 publication of “The Rocky Mountain Mason” published in Billings, Montana, well-documented and richly-sourced 13-page article deals with the “Red Sons of Israel”, the core of the concept being that there is a “relationship of the American Indian to a Hebraic origin”, very unique concept, extensive compilation of books treating on the subject in the article, publication complete, like-new condition, $30

RICHARDSON’S MONITOR OF FREE-MASONRY, EXPLAINING THE SIGNS, TOKENS AND GRIPS, AND GIVING ALL THE WORDS, PASS-WORDS, SACRED WORDS, OATHS, AND HIEROGLYPHICS USED BY MASONS by Jabez Richardson, published by David McKay in Philadelphia, no date (but probably within the last two decades of the 1800’s), hardcover in red cloth with gold embossed stamping on spine, and gold embossed illustration with black stamping on front cover, many illustrations, 192 pages, fine condition, $450

RITUAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL ORDER OF JOB’S DAUGHTERS by Ethel T. Wead Mick, Author of the Original Ritual, Founder and Organizer, copyright 1955 by The Supreme Guardian Council International Order of Job’s Daughters, printed in the USA, previous owner’s signature “Paula Jean Bell, April 23, 1957”, original cost written on front endpaper was 15 cents, Table of Contents in back of book, hardcover in purple cloth with silver stamping, 106 pages, fine condition, $20

SCIENCE AND THE INFINITE, or THROUGH A WINDOW IN THE BLANK WALL by Sydney T. Klein, published by Rider & Co. in London in 1929, 4th Revised Edition, hardcover in grey-green cloth binding, 157 pages, fine condition, $60

SECRET PRACTICES OF THE SUFI FREEMASONS: THE ISLAMIC TEACHINGS AT THE HEART OF ALCHEMY by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff (1875-1945), Translation and Introduction by Stephen E Flowers, Ph.D., reveals the secret spiritual exercises of the Bektashi order for Sufis (also known as Oriental Freemasonry), originally published in Germany in 1924, softback printed 2013, like-new, excellent condition, $10

SHAKESPEARE CREATOR OF FREEMASONRY: BEING A REMARKABLE EXAMINATION OF THE PLAYS AND POEMS, WHICH PROVES INCONTESTABLY THAT THESE WORKS WERE SATURATED IN MASONRY, THAT SHAKESPEARE WAS A FREEMASON AND THE FOUNDER OF THE FRATERNITY by Alfred Dodd, P.M., published in London by Rider & Co., Paternoster House, E.C., in which the author makes the case that “William Shakespeare was not only a Freemason, he was the Father and Founder of the Fraternity, the Writer of the Rituals”, which in their emergence in 1723 was a planned hundred-year celebration of the Great Shakespeare Folio of 1623, Index, 284 pages, very fine, $180

SHAVER’S MASONIC MONITOR CONTAINING ALL THE EXOTERIC RITUAL OF THE WORK AND LECTURES OF THE THREE DEGREES OF ANCIENT CRAFT MASONRY . . . by William M. Shaver, compiler and editor, in black flexible cloth, with rare slip-in envelope latch, 15th Edition published 1930 by Wm. M. Shaver and A.K. Wilson of Topeka, Kansas, inscription reads “Presented by Mistletoe Lodge #269, Feb. 5, 1951 To N. Alfred Shepherd” and signed “J. Clarence Porter Sec and James Bates Master”, pocket companion size, 304 pages, no markings, all edges gilt, very fine condition, this early (1930) edition very scarce, $90

The SIGN LANGUAGE OF THE MYSTERIES IN TWO VOLUMES by J.S.M. Ward (M.A., Late Scholar and Prizeman of Trinity Hall, Cambridge University in England), published 1928 by The Baskerville Press, Ltd. of London (unnumbered set of published run limited to 1000 sets), hardcover set in red cloth covers, generously illustrated (some illustrations in brilliant gold, many on glossy paper), photographs, previous book owner “John Hensby Giddings” scripted in master’s calligraphy in both volumes, very fine condition, rare, two-volume set, $350

The TRADITIONS, ORIGIN AND EARLY HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY: AND ITS COINCIDENCES WITH THE ANCIENT MYSTERIES by A.T.C. Pierson and Godfrey W. Steinbrenner, copyright 1865, published by Anderson & Company of New York, hardcover in blue cloth with gold stamping, book in two sections of 384 pages + 164 pages, scholarly work, very fine condition, rare, $350

The TRUE MASONIC CHART, OR HIEROGLYPHIC MONITOR CONTAINING ALL THE EMBLEMS EXPLAINED . . . by R.W. Jeremy L. Cross, published by John C. Gray, Printer of New Haven, Connecticut in 1820, 2nd edition, hardcover in brown leather, foxing, spotting, some tears, 196 pages (all pages still intact – all attached and none missing) + many pages of illustrations + one hand-colored map + Map of Babylon, etc., inscription in pencil on front end paper reads “W.M.D.(?) Howard From Rev. J.(?)M. Wilson Octr 1 day 1861”, notations and scribbles throughout but only in pencil – no marks in pens or in ink, front cover and likeness of author detached but present, this edition very rare and very scarce but complete and readable (imagine! nearly 200 years old, this edition!), $190

The TRUE MASONIC GUIDE by Robert Macoy, published by Clark & Maynard of New York in 1866, page edges are gilded, hardcover rebound in blue cloth with gold lettering on spine, 360 pages plus many unnumbered pages of illustrations, tight binding, rare, $140

WHEN IT WAS LIGHT: THE MESSAGE FROM THE STARS - THE PREHISTORIC MYSTERIES DISCLOSED by Henry Lee Stoddard, signed and inscribed by the author “To my friend Rev. WK Lloyd with best wishes Henry Lee Stoddard Aug 30th 1924”, copyright 1924, published 1924, hardcover in red cloth with gold stamping and embossing, richly illustrated with photo of author, drawings, illustrations, and photographs, 292 pages, fine condition, rare, $360