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Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider.

Sir Francis Bacon

The Sacred Cut represents the main factor in ancient geometry itself. There is only one Sacred Cut. In fact, it was the main-door key to ancient geometry.

Tons Brunés

When one holds the key it is not difficult to open the different doors and discover what lies behind, but if one has no key, or if one does not understand how it should be used, the doors remain securely sealed, and the curious are obliged to guess what they possibly screen from sight.

Tons Brunés

Pythagoras was the first person history records as having broken with the ancient tradition. Pythagoras educated ordinary men.

Tons Brunés

The ancient Egyptians, from the very beginning of their recorded history, made a mystery of their factual knowledge of astronomy and other sciences and arts. That is, this knowledge was deliberately restricted to an Inner Circle, and kept from the mass of the people as an iron-clad state policy . . . .

Thothnu Tastmona

Even “Euclidean construction” is only sketchily defined by Webster as “construction by the compasses.” It will be well to consider this matter carefully, for we are entering a new field where numbers are identified, not with things but with thoughts, and with relationships both of area and location.

R. W. Gardner

Favorite Books and Recommended Reading
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The Canon (1897) by William Stirling
Man: The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries (1932) by Manly P. Hall
Sacred Geometry (1982) by Robert Lawlor
Rhythms of Vision (1976) by Lawrence Blair
Time Stands Still (1982) by Keith Critchlow
Sacred Architecture (1993) by A. T. Mann
Projective Ornament (1915) by Claude Bragdon
A Primer of Higher Space (1913) by Claude Bragdon
The Dimensions of Paradise (1988) by John Michell
Synergetics (1975) by R. Buckminster Fuller
The Mathematics of the Cosmic Mind (1966) by L. Gordon Plummer
Science Awakening (1961) by B. L. van der Waerden
Patterns in Nature (1974) by Peter S. Stevens