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The Secrets of Ancient Geometry and Its Use was written by Tons Brunés and the original edition was published in 1967. I personally studied with Mr. Brunés in Copenhagen in the early 1990's. Following Mr. Brunés’ death in 1995, I acquired the rights to re-publish his books. The new format, designated the  “Scholar’s Edition”, has features that enhance Ancient Geometry scholarship by the serious student.No part of these books may be copied, reproduced, or printed without the express written permission of Sue Eckermann Golik, Ancient Geometry, Inc.

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The author Tons Brunés
Chapter Headings Volume I:

Chapter One: The first experiences
Chapter Two: Speculation on time and numbers
Chapter Three: Appearance of figure 7 as a symbolic factor
Chapter Four: Birth and development of geometric speculation
Chapter Five: Circle’s rectangle and triangle
                    Dividing up the Circle’s circumference
Chapter Six: The application of Ancient Geometry
Chapter Seven: Ancient Geometry and its place in Ancient Egypt
                    The Pyramids – the Great Pyramid of Cheops
                    Pyramid of Cheops in Relation to Ancient Geometry
Chapter Eight: Book of Exodus: Ritual Significance of Moses’ Tabernacle
Chapter Nine: Egyptian Mathematics and the Influence of Ancient Geometry
                    Measures of Capacity
                    Measures of Area
                    Triangular calculation
Chapter Ten: Pythagoras – and a Geometric Analysis of Plato’s Timaeus
Chapter Eleven: Temples of Antiquity
                    Temple of Ceres
                    The Theseum
                    Temple of Poseidon
                    The Parthenon
                    Plans and proportions of Temple columns
Chapter Twelve: Geometry applied on the Ancient Building Site
Chapter Thirteen: Triumphal Arches of the Early Christian Era

Volume II:

Chapter Fourteen: Ancient Geometry reaches the Middle Ages
                    Cologne Cathedral: the Old
                    Cologne Cathedral: the New
                    The Pantheon
Chapter Fifteen: The Golden Section v. the Sacred Cut
Chapter Sixteen: Ancient Geometry and Figurative Art
                    Art in Egypt
                    Sculpture in Greece
                    Vases, jars . . . and geometry
Chapter Seventeen: Cuneiform and Numerals: The shape of things to count
Chapter Eighteen: ABC of the Modern Alphabet
Chapter Nineteen: Trelleborg: A Viking Stronghold
Chapter Twenty: The Origin of Chess?
Chapter Twenty-one: Ancient Geometry and Modern Times
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The Best Book from which to learn the subject of Ancient Geometry is the two-volume Scholar’s Edition entitled The Secrets of Ancient Geometry and Its Use by Tons Brunés.

This exceptional Two-volume Coil Bound Set is the definitive work for people who want to understand the principles of Ancient Geometry. It is also the most precise treatise for market traders who want to apply the principles of Ancient Geometry to market charts.

Originally published in 1967, this new Scholar’s Edition has been re-published in April 2006.

622 Pages – Well-written – Quality Print.